Plus d’excuse pour ne pas trouver les disques du RSC : on vient d’intégrer le catalogue de l’excellent Jump Up Records, from Chicago! Au passage, Chuck a lâché quelques lignes qui font bien plaisir :
« Finally, the debut release from 60’s style ska/reggae act from REUNION ISLAND. If you are like me and are a bit spotty on our geography from 8th grade – here’s a refresher! Reunion Island is a French island 120 miles east of Madagascar in the middle of the Indian Ocean – and they’ve got this AMAZING band called ROCKSTEADY SPORTING CLUB! The nine piece band is fronted by the powerful vocals of MANOU who bring to mind all great female lead singles of previous eras, from PHYLLIS DILLON to DOREEN SHAFFER and even PAULINE BLACK! Beautiful debut single “MY OWN QUEEN” backed by “HYPNOTIST COMPANY” hand numbered 7″ single. Be on the lookout for 4 more 7″ singles from this amazing band!! Here’s a taste of the band live ! »
Pour tout savoir :